Pneumatic Actuators

Our pneumatic actuators are second to none in the industry. We offer NUMATICS®, Parker® and ORBINOX, RDC Contrôle® lines of pneumatic cylinders. With over 30 years experience in this field we know what it takes to stand up to the harsh environments of the pulp paper and chemical industries. Our cylinders come in all bore and stroke sizes and come both in hydraulic and air versions.

The air version of our cylinder is available with an optional spring return for loss of air or combined with a solenoid for loss of air and power. The standard NUMATICS® air cylinders consist of an aluminum barrel and aluminum ends eliminating the need for bulking supports and cutting weight in half. Shown in the picture below our cylinders bolt right on to our ORBINOX Valves with no need for welding and can even be done while still in line requiring the removal of only six bolts! These cylinders also come in a version that can be used for submersible service and all parts are user serviceable.

We offer quarter turn actuators by Unitorq, Rotork, Berzico, Rotex and ALL STAINLESS actuators by QTRCO. Quarter turn actuators by Easytork that offer fail safe operation with a build in air volume tank and NO springs required! They can be easily changed from double acting to spring return and fail clockwise or counter clockwise with a simple solenoid change. The cost savings of lower inventory and higher output torque of these actuators is amazing!

To find out more about how we can help actuate your valve, contact us today!

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