Square & Rectangular / Sluice Gates
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A.C.T. offers the complete line of ORBINOX penstocks and square / rectangular valves (Industrial markets only).  These specially designed valves are fully customizable to meet any specification. 
Full line of customer square and rectangular knife gates that can be fabricated in 3-4 weeks where others are 8-10 weeks or even more!  
Send us your spec today and let us design a valve that will fit your needs! 

Download Adobe PDF Cut Sheet Below:

Product Line-Up
  • MU Series  - Square or Rectangular Wall Penstock
  • MC Series  - Round Port Wall Penstock
  • CC Series - Square or Rectangular Channel Gate
  • RR Series  - Round Swing Check Gate
  • RC Series  - Square or Rectangular Swing Check Gate
  • Series 90   - Customizable Fabricated Square and Rectangular Knife Gate Valve.








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